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On walks4softies we describe short walks with pictures and maps. The arrow on each numbered picture shows you where to walk. The numbered arrows on the map show the position of each picture.

Just print them out, then walk and enjoy.

Most of the walks on walks4softies can easily be completed within 2 or 3 hours, a nice morning or afternoon stroll.

The walks on walks4softies are organised into areas. Each area may contain a number of walks. The more hardy walkers may like to combine two or more walks in an area into a longer walk.

Most of the walks on walks4softies are in Dorset but there are also some walks in Hampshire and Wiltshire.

What others say about walks4softies

From The Times, December 27, 2006
For "Nice morning or afternoon strolls" in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, try the friendly walks4softies.co.uk.

From our Questionnaire - Winter 2006
Very clear instructions and pics.

The kids (ages 8 and 13) thought that following the arrows was great and it made them more keen to lead the way.

Easy to follow without continuously having to stop to read instructions therefore the walks are very much more enjoyable.

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