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Preparation - While Walking - Disclaimer

While Walking

Following the Directions

The pictures only tell the true story when they are taken. While following the directions you may have to take account of differences in season and weather conditions. On country walks, fields may have different crops to those shown in the pictures, the crops may be at a different stage of growth, the field may even just have been ploughed. On all walks you may also have to compensate for building work. The older the walk the more changes you will have to take into account, check the date.

If you are ever in doubt while following a walk, continue along the path or road that you are walking along.

The Country Code

While walking in the countryside please follow the Country Code:

Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs
Leave gates and property as you find them
Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home
Keep dogs under close control
Consider other people
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Preparation - While Walking - Disclaimer
Home > Walking Guide > While Walking