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Sponsor a Walk

A business may sponsor an area on walks4softies.co.uk. An area is defined as a car park location and all the walks from that car park.

walks4softies is a good place to advertise hotels, restaurants, cafes pubs and tourist attractions in the same area.

The following advert types may be included on the pages of the sponsored area:

The business name will be shown in the page header of each page associated with the area.

An advert of 120 pixels wide and up to 600 pixels high for the business at the left or right hand side of the page content for area map and walk map pages. (recommend left hand side as it will be clicked on more often) This advert may be a mixture of text and images.

The location of the business will be shown on the area map.

A single 270 pixels wide by 180 pixels high image advert for the business on one of the directions pages for each walk in an area.

All adverts may link to the business web site. Advert types 1, 3 and 4 may only link to the home page of the business web site. Advert type 2 may link to a number of different pages on the business web site depending on where on the advert the user clicks.

All the adverts will remain on the web site for at least 5 years for a single charge.

Once adverts have been agreed and published a charge will be made for any changes.

If walks4softies does not have a walk in your area, we can develop a walk and include your business as the sponsor.

To request further information about sponsoring a walk on walks4softies please contact:

John AnsellTelephone:01202 383532
65 Pilsdon Drive,
BH17 9EJ

Google adwords

If you do not wish to sponsor a walk, you could also advertise with Google adwords. You can find out more about adwords at: https://adwords.google.com/select/. If you advertise with Google your adverts may or may not appear on walks4softies as Google decide which adverts will appear on any one page depending on the defined keywords such as 'Poole walk'. However your advert may appear on many other web sites. It will cost you each time someone clicks on your advert. How much it will cost depends on how much you bid. If you bid too low, your advert will not appear very often. If you bid too high, you end up paying too much for you advertising.

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Walking for Health - Sponsor a Walk - Link To - Join Us - Technology
More > Sponsor a Walk